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Focus Brain Trainer

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Focus Brain Trainer

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Maintain a Laser-Like Focus

  • Improve Focus
  • Increase Mental Clarity
  • Quickened Clear Decision Making
Product Description:
  • nIR HEG sensor headband
  • USB Signal Processor - translates headband signals to USB
  • An accompanying downloadable version of HEG studio software
  • PC or Mac compatible
The power to pay attention is priceless, but techniques for improving attention span and focus can be difficult to quantify and follow through. Even if you’ve spent years meditating, it’s unlikely you’ve ever had something in your life teach you to put your brain into a complete state of focus. That’s why we just released the ultimate biohacking tool for focus that stands above the rest.

The Upgraded Focus Brain Trainer is an easy-to-use tool that quickly helps teach the brain to focus better by using information from the brain itself.

The Upgraded Focus Brain Trainer uses a high speed, near infrared headband to provide a real time view of oxygen levels reflected from the front of the brain. This real time feedback signal quickly teaches you to consciously increase blood flow to the part of the brain that handles important functions such as focused attention, organization/planning, decision making, working memory, emotional regulation, control of mood, behavior, inhibition and motivation.

Benefits of Using the Upgraded Focus Brain Trainer

The Upgraded Focus Brain Trainer is designed to help the brain naturally increase healthy blood flow to activate the brain’s prefrontal cortex (the most recently evolved part of the human brain). We are targeting activation, metabolism, and oxygenation of the brain’s prefrontal cortex to teach your brain to improve itself in:
  • Focused attention
  • Decision making
  • Organization skills
  • Working memory
  • Emotional regulation
  • Control of emotions, mood, behavior, inhibition and motivation
The Upgraded Focus Brain Trainer is an incredibly effective tool for activating executive brain functions more quickly and maintaining higher energy levels and performance in the brain for extended periods of time.
The Upgraded Focus Brain Trainer is made by the engineer after you order it. It can take an unpredictable amount of time, about 6 weeks is normal!
User-Friendly, High Quality, and Incomparable
  • Feedback appears in real time on your computer screen, within the 350 ms window for optimally training your nervous system.
  • 30-second set-up and cleanup. Very simple plug and play operation with no sticky electrodes required.
  • Not a relaxing program, more like "lifting weights for the brain."
  • Requires no assessment, everyone can do this training.
  • HEG Studio computer software displays your increases in brain circulation through on-screen visual feedback.
  • Eye movement and scalp muscle tension artifact do not affect the data.
  • Flexibility to position the sensors at any site on your head to train that brain area.
  • Easy analysis of data. See how long it takes to move from your baseline to high activation, how long plateaus are sustained, and also compare sessions.


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